With over 20 years’ experience in business development, we’ve learnt what works, what doesn’t and why. Many start-up and scale-up businesses underperform because of poor strategic planning. They might develop great products, but lack investment in the stuff that ultimately determines how successful the business will become – delivering the value to the right audience!

Value proposition development, market identification, qualification and validation are all crucial elements of developing an effective ‘go-to-market’ strategy.

We help businesses build the frameworks and the customer and partner relationships that provide the basis for long term, sustainable results.

Our Working Practices

How We Work

We use tried and tested formulas. We work strategically and methodically to understand your business and its wider ecosystem, then leverage our skills, capabilities and extensive networks to help reduce the time and money it takes to build a profitable, sustainable business.

Why We Succeed

We’re experts at asking the right questions, in order to understand the potential of your business. We work closely with you to refine value propositions that maximise results. Our team has the skills and capabilities needed to leverage the existing assets within your business, and make sure that we optimise them to deliver long term profits.

Business Development

Whether it’s seeing new ways to enhance existing opportunities or finding new routes to market, we offer a blend of creative and strategic thinking, analysis, communication, negotiation and influencing skills that are all essential to help grow your business.

We can also help with market validation, penetration, expansion and diversification. Often, we’re asked to advise on product development, given the deep insights we gather during our projects.

Consultancy & Advisory Services

You might understand your product or service sufficiently, but need additional, short term, expertise and skills to support you in evaluating and implementing it.

We can help guide you through evaluation, selection, exploration, and implementation. We can augment your organisation’s capabilities and provide an invaluable external perspective and bring our experiences of other projects, organisations and industries to help you to avoid many of the pitfalls.

Providing an independent, external, perspective on an ad-hoc basis can be very valuable. Engaging an advisory capability on a retained basis works well for businesses that need to call upon external expertise but not on a regular basis.

Sales Toolkit Development

Many smaller businesses struggle to tell their story in a simple, straightforward way. They fail to clearly outline the problem they are trying to solve in sales presentations and on their website.

This usually happens because you’re deeply entrenched in what you do on a daily basis, and this means it can be hard to see things from an outsider’s perspective.

We help you take that step back and view the problems your business solves, from your customer or partners perspective. Then we help build the right words and pictures to showcase your business to potential customers. You need the right tools to do the job!

Coaching & Wellbeing

Coaching enables people to build the strong foundations of ‘life balance’ which are often overlooked. We build confidence and resilience to ensure that people have the ability to use their skills and take action. In our demanding, fast paced, business world, these pastoral care elements are often overlooked. We develop people in a way that improves results yet preserves and enhances work-life balance.

The coaching and training side of our business offers services that improve results by focussing on the wellbeing of your team.